Mike & MarthaWelcome to our blog. We both grew up in Florida, but we’ve been traveling for work, school, and fun for the last few years. We started this site to share our travels with family and friends, mostly through pictures. This site was originally written to chronicle our Summer 2011 trip, but we’ll add posts as we’re able to going forward. We’ll be uploading photos, videos, travel logs, local tips, bed bugs…. you know, all the usual things traveler’s pick up along the way. While abroad, we hope to update the site regularly when internet access and/or authoritarian governments permit. For those heading to any of the countries/cities/mountains/trails we visit, this might even serve as a “how-to” travel blog, or at the very least a “how-not-to” blog. Either way, we hope you enjoy the site. Check back regularly, and join us as we head out…. from Here, There, and (hopefully) Back.

-Mike and Martha