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Pickpocket Gangs of Addis Ababa

Ethiopia is the first stop on our tour of northeast Africa. We had three nights booked in Addis Ababa and no organized plan ahead of time. All the other stops on this trip required fairly extensive visa applications and organized tour planning and Ethiopia was basically just left over. Looking at the stuff people do on itineraries of a few days here, we figured we would just wing it. I think we also figured that Addis would be the “easy” stop on this tour. It turns out it has actually proven to be pretty challenging. This is really not a city for the uninitiated to be roaming around in. You probably shouldn’t be roaming around at all here at night. Continue reading Pickpocket Gangs of Addis Ababa

You managed to get one thing right, Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is a discount carrier, and it shows. We’ve had the displeasure now of utilizing them a few times in a few airports, and the experience has been consistent: rude or even hostile customer service, shabby and crowded planes, and miserly amenities. I suppose this is what it takes to remain one of the few profitable airlines in the region. Just take a flight on Kenya Airways though and the difference in the passenger experience comes into stark relief. All of that being said, our flight from Zanzibar to Seychelles was on Ethiopian and we had an overnight transit in Addis. When the tickets were booked, I had assumed it would be like any U.S. carrier and you’d be on your own to either roam the airport or find a nearby hotel and arrange transit. We came to find out that Ethiopian handles all of these logistics for you and they are included in the price of the (already inexpensive) plane ticket. Needless to say, we were all more than a bit concerned what the “hotel” would look like in this scenario. Continue reading You managed to get one thing right, Ethiopian Airlines