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Amboseli day trip puts the “far” in “safari”

We made it into Nairobi late yesterday after mostly uneventful transit through Zurich. There are four of us on this trip: our friends Greg and Larissa in addition to Martha and me. The three of us on U.S. passports had Kenyan visas ahead of time, but it turns out visa on arrival seemed to be pretty straightforward as well. When we got to customs, a Caucasian non-English speaking couple with maroon colored passports ahead of us was asked if we were “with them,” to which both they and we nodded no. The customs people waved us through along with them regardless. Safe to say we won’t be blending in as locals. After some spirited negotiation with drivers in the taxi queue, we agreed on a fare with our driver Charles. Charles very confidently took us down a wrong and very desolate road. However, the road that led to our lodge, to paraphrase Greg “looked like it might have a mass grave at the end of it.” Once past the secure gates though, we were welcomed to a cozy little place with manicured planters and pathways leading to “luxury tents.” The place could be a new mid-range offering from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Continue reading Amboseli day trip puts the “far” in “safari”