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Detour on the Banana Pancakes Trail

If you work your way from Bangkok, through Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, and onward to Saigon, you’re likely to see some of the same faces: at ancient ruins and museums, on buses and trains, on the street and in restaurants, and finally at youth hostels and guest houses. Many of the youth hostels share a common item on the breakfast menu: banana pancakes. We’ve referenced this before when visiting Myanmar. Geographically, the capital Yangon would be a nice start to the “Banana Pancakes Trail,” but at this point you’re just not going to see large groups that look like they’re on a high school field trip or college spring break. I expected Laos to be a similar break from the larger tourist crowds of Thailand and Cambodia, but I was definitely wrong. Laos is far less developed and a bit less accessible than it’s neighbors to the south, but that hasn’t stopped visitors. The combination has been interesting to watch. Continue reading Detour on the Banana Pancakes Trail