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A Country You’re Likely To Miss

Years ago, we received a book called “501 Must-visit cities” as a gift. Despite sitting on the shelf amongst a row of much more specialized travel books, we’ve actually thumbed through the thing enough that it’s beginning to show a bit of wear. We go to the index and look up listings by country and just go from there. The book has essentially every major tourist icon around the world, as well as many more that even seasoned travelers may not be familiar with off the top of their head. Comprehensive is a strong word, but the book is close. As we throw together an itinerary, we often reach for that book to quickly skim and see if we’ve made any glaring omissions. Most of the stops on this trip are featured in the book. With one exception: Paraguay. Paraguay is not listed anywhere in there. Paraguay is not a part of many tourist itineraries in this region. After visiting, it makes more sense why that is. Continue reading A Country You’re Likely To Miss