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Boracay, Philippines

I’m not sure what I expected prior to our visit to the Philippines, but our short visit here has certainly been interesting. This is our first trip to an East Asian country that is primarily Catholic/Christian, a feature that likely has a role in some of the cultural features that set the Philippines apart a bit from it’s neighbors. Geographically, it does make sense that there would be some sectarian conflict in the southern islands that border Malaysia. In the northern region where we’re visiting, everything seems uniformly Christian. As an aside, we stumbled upon a Filipino Christian TV channel that had a guy speaking with the title of “Appointed Son of God” underneath his name. This guy…. wow… he even had on dark sunglasses to complete the Filipino Jim Jones look. Check him out. Television here seems to be either that kind of craziness, weird variety shows, or any of five different channels of 24/7 YouTube clips of people injuring themselves grievously. Continue reading Boracay, Philippines