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Dracula Has a Marketing Problem

Getting to Bucharest wasn’t exactly a direct connection for us on this trip. Admittedly, this stop was a bit of an afterthought that we squeezed in after everything else was booked. We arrived after about a 24 hour transit from Jax to DC to Munich to Istanbul to Bucharest. We’ve gotten a little better over the years at getting some nap time on flights. Also, killing 6 or 7 hours at the Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul wasn’t exactly painful. Seriously, this lounge has to be seen to be believed: two stories, multiple hot and cold buffets, alcohol bars, espresso bars, every hot and cold drink imaginable, a movie theater with popcorn, an indoor driving range, video games, RC car race track, showers, laundry, sleeping suites, “massage therapists” walking around, a roving fancy dessert cart in addition to multiple dessert and pastry buffets… totally ridiculous. Continue reading Dracula Has a Marketing Problem