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Do They Know It’s Christmas? …Yes, They Do.

If you thought for a second that a resort on a remote island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia might provide a reprieve from the inane insanity and consumer orgy of the American Christmas season, you’d be wrong. Comically wrong. It turns out that they’re well aware that it’s Christmas in The Seychelles. Contrary to what some may have suggested, they know it’s Christmas in most of Africa. The mindless lyrics and migraine-inducing repetition of pop renditions of Christmas songs can be annoying in many settings, but having them pierce the lull of turquoise waters washing over white sandy beaches seems almost criminal. And tacky half-decorated artificial Christmas trees have no place amongst a backdrop of lazy palm trees, especially on an island where the tree worth celebrating is the “sexy” coco de’ mer. Regardless, relaxing in The Seychelles for a few days was still lovely and rejuvenating. Continue reading Do They Know It’s Christmas? …Yes, They Do.