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La Goutte d’Or en Paris

We’re not breaking any new ground in this part of our trip. In particular, the tourist circuit in Paris has mostly been a repeat for Martha, bringing me up to speed with her. We stayed in the “Drop of Gold” quarter near Gare du Nord. I would describe the area as a charming and multicultural hub that is brimming with character. The interwebs do at times describe this arrondissement in less flattering terms, calling it dicey and filled with gypsies, pickpockets, runaways, and refugees. In either case, it makes for an interesting transition from the swarms of tourists near all the major Paris attractions. Restaurants specializing in Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and North and West African cuisine offered some interesting alternatives to the typical French bakeries, bistros, and cafes. Our Paris visit spanned five days, so we’ve had enough time to sample a mix of things. I have certainly enjoyed the French pastries, breads, and cheeses. However, I must admit I’m going to leave this place thinking of the assortment of Indian sweets on offer in our neighborhood, particularly the malai chum chum  and gajar halwa mithai (basically a spiced carrot fudge). Continue reading La Goutte d’Or en Paris