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The Long Journey Home

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Our last day in Yogyakarta, like the day before, started around 0330 to head out for the sunrise over the Borobudur complex. It had rained the day before, and the sky was clear, which made for a very different look to things. It was beautiful… a fire of orange and pink and purple, but in my opinion lacked some of the magic from the prior day when the jungle and distant volcanoes were draped in a gentle covering of mist and clouds. Some of the same stereotypes were there to experience the magic: a young white girl with her own genie pants and batik prints in addition to the issued sarong, swaying to some unheard rhythm as the sun rose, positioning herself right in front of the best photography area (her boyfriend, with matching genie pants and a headlamp…. had a conical braided pony tail that maintained a diameter of maybe 2-3 millimeters at the distal end). Nobody was posing provocatively on the stupas this morning though. It was very pretty, and we took a little more time exploring the carved reliefs on multiple levels before leaving the complex for the last time. It’s really incredible, and well maintained. Continue reading The Long Journey Home

Sunrise over Borobudur

The Manohara hotel is pretty much the only game in town if you want to watch the sunrise over Borobudur. If you’re staying in Yogyakarta, you’re looking at an hour drive to get to the place, and you need to be there by 0430, and then the sunrise tickets will cost you more if you’re not a guest at the hotel. For Manohara guests, the temple is literally a five minute walk outside the hotel grounds. What is the demographic for this experience? Apparently middle aged caucasians…. they represent 90% of the relatively small group there for the sunrise on the temple. Continue reading Sunrise over Borobudur

Java by Train

Ahead of us was an eight hour train ride across the island of Java from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. The night before, we had procured our train tickets…. that is, a gentleman from the Crowne Plaza schlepped across town to broker them for us. It sounded like an ordeal that we were better off avoiding. “Executive” level tickets were sold out, leaving “Economy” as our only option for the first leg of the journey. Continue reading Java by Train