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Last day in KL…. off to “The Big Durian” tomorrow

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Martha took a pass on all the mosques we came across in India, so visiting Masjid Jamek was a first for both her and Ashley. It’s been a really pleasant surprise in Malaysia that the tourist attractions (that is, places that happen to attract tourists rather than places designed with that as the sole purse) are generally hassle free and even free of charge. The Batu Caves yesterday had no entry fee, we went the entire day without encountering a single tout of any sort, and several of the shops were very quaint with interesting and reasonably priced goods. If the Batu Caves were in China, they would be a nightmare: huge lines to pay an inflated admission price and further charges for anything interesting inside, people harassing you for cheesy group photos, scammers and touts, swarms of tourists ambling in all directions, aggressive shopkeepers hawking garbage. In Malaysia though, the place made for a really relaxed, pleasant day. While several of the mosques in India we visited actually had admission charges, Masjid Jamek (the most notable mosque in Kuala Lumpur) had no admission fee and actually seemed very inviting to tourists. It was a real surprise to me. I have to say, Malaysia seems to be “missing the boat” somewhat on the tourist thing…. other countries try to squeeze every dime they can out of you for anything that might be interesting or worthy of group photos. I digress though… Continue reading Last day in KL…. off to “The Big Durian” tomorrow

Wild Ass Malaysian Attack Monkeys

Started off our first day in Kuala Lumpur with a visit to the Batu Caves. Martha and Ashley seemed mostly excited about quaint and exotic religious practices involving offerings of milk and flowers to the local gods. I’m pretty sure their excitement mostly related to getting some little red string bracelets after the offerings. However, my interest was in the monkeys. Wild monkeys running loose amongst tourists….. always a recipe for entertainment. Needless to say, it really made my day when the best entertainment turned out to be with our own little trio. With nobody getting maimed, of course…. Continue reading Wild Ass Malaysian Attack Monkeys