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Huvahendhoo, Maldives

We’ve been at Lily Beach for a full day now, and it’s just been absolutely perfect. I thought I may have had some high expectations, but this place exceeds them in all kinds of ways. After our water taxi back to the airport before sunrise yesterday, we were greeted by Lily Beach staff and personally escorted through check in and to a private lounge in the domestic terminal. Way more stuff there than we could’ve needed. I didn’t see any other resorts at that time providing that kind of treatment to guests. Martha came up to me after getting a couple espressos and said: “The butler called to check on us” real nonchalant. “Wait, what?” I had forgotten a small mention that our “sunset villa” included a 24 hour private butler service, which is definitely not something we’ve had any place we’ve stayed.

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Male´: Water taxi in, seaplane out

I really like the reorientation that comes as a necessity upon arrival to another country. It can be particularly acute when you’re either unprepared, or hopping through a few  different countries, or both. There are those inevitable questions, like:

What the heck is this scribbly manuscript everywhere that vaguely approximates written communication?
Oh, what language do they speak here again?
What time is it again? Wait, only a half hour time change??? That doesn’t even make sense!
What is the money called here? What’s the exchange rate?

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