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It’s Going To Be Hard To Maintain Fourth Place

Bangkok… Paris… Dubai… and then, a bit further down, just ahead of New York, is Istanbul, holding up the fourth spot of most visited cities in the world. I don’t know what the security situation was like a few months ago in the tourist section (Old Town) of Istanbul, but there is some pretty heavy weaponry lurking around right now if you’re paying attention. Police have to be in an awfully difficult position after the recent bombing at Sultanahmet Square. Tourism revenue is incredibly important to the economy here, and now they have to balance maintaining security with keeping the place open and pleasant for visitors. Continue reading It’s Going To Be Hard To Maintain Fourth Place

But What Do They Eat in Turkey?

Our 4-year-old niece accompanied us to the airport when departing for this trip. At this point she has what I guess is a pretty age-appropriate understanding of our travels. With video calls and such, it probably never seems like we’re particularly far away.  We just hop on a “Hair-Plane” and the next time she sees us on an iPad, it’ll be night for us while it’s day for her. She has a very strong interest in visiting Japan (pronounced “Uh-Pan” aka “Hello Kitty Land”) to an extent that it can be dangled as a behavior-altering bribe. On this departure though, Martha told her we were going to Turkey and that we were going to take her. That probably struck her as just as weird as visiting “Hungry.” She was having no part of being smuggled in our suitcase because Continue reading But What Do They Eat in Turkey?