Crashing a Cargo Cult Revival

Active volcanoes, remote beaches, and WWII-era airstrip-revering cults… that’s what we signed up with a stop in Vanuatu. Several days here mostly delivered on all of the above, along with a few nice surprises.

We had an extra day and half or so on the island after the flight change from Solomon Islands. I think we caught a lot of the highlights on Efate (main island) and a sample of Tanna Island. I could see spending a few more days in Vanuatu, but probably not weeks of time like a few visitors we’ve encountered.

4 thoughts on “Crashing a Cargo Cult Revival

  1. Very nice place. Love the turtle feeding. Any turtle eggs? Very ni e city. Thank god for the burgers

  2. Wonderful photography!! I’m a little jealous of the turtle feeding and had to chuckle because the locals on Amelia would go crazy if we saw anyone touching the turtles!!!! Enjoy your trip and keep the pics coming!!!

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