D-List Theme Parks Near Singapore

This was our first trip travelling solo with our niece, who’s now six. Taiwan/Tokyo tested the waters with her parents accompanying. This was just us and Emma. It was primarily a week-long trip to Singapore over her spring break. We did take the opportunity to do a day trip into Puteri Harbor, Malaysia which was…. interesting.

Now, in fairness, many people will travel to Puteri Harbor primarily to visit the “Legoland” park there, often staying overnight. I can’t say much about the nature of that park. My sense might be skewed if I’m thinking of it in terms of the quality of parks closer to home for us in Orlando, Florida. Our visit, however, was a day trip to “Hello Kitty Town” in a complex up the road from Legoland. Emma is into it and it easily added a new country  for her, so we figured what the hell.

The drive there is only a couple hours total, with a fair bit of that time passing in and out of immigration. Hello Kitty is the main attraction there, but we realized that the other “parks” that you can buy as a combo ticket are all housed in the same building. Thankfully we skipped on those. Emma hadn’t heard of any of them, and wasn’t interested. Upon seeing the place, I believe I referred to it as “The place where kids’ cartoon characters go to die”. Barnie, Bob the Builder, and a couple other small franchises. Those guys are all on different floors, so of them sharing a floor. Emma spent the full day in Hello Kitty Town, and, it would seem, had a blast. Compare the place to Puroland in Tokyo or any Disney Park: nope, not even close.  Anyway, if you’re visiting Singapore with kids and have time to burn, maybe it’s worth it. 

Otherwise, the trip was largely a longer repeat of our transit through Singapore last year. We stayed at the Marina Bay Sands this time though, and lounging around enjoying those amenities took up most of our time. Highly recommend.

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