The Helvetica Scenario

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Regrettably, the Japan segment of this trip has nearly come to a close. We had a great time, but four days was just far too short. Honestly though, if it were four weeks, or even four months, we’d probably leave feeling like we needed more time here. It’s been a few years since our last visit here, and we’ve managed to visit a fair number of other places in the interim, but Japan, and specifically Tokyo, remains our favorite place. The “one bag” approach just doesn’t work here. You want to take the whole country back home with you.

We spent half the day in Akihabara, which turned out to be the group favorite I think. We also met our friend Ai and had a late lunch in Tsukishima, very close to where we’re staying in Monzen Nakacho. We wanted to have Okonomiyaki (kind of hard to describe, but has been called “Japanese pizza,” its a mix of batter and cabbage and pork and other bits grilled into a flat circle and topped with seaweed powder, fish flakes, and mayonnaise ) at least once during our visit, but Ai did even better and we went to a place that served both Okonomiyaki and a dish called Monja-yaki. Monja-yaki is basically the same idea, except with a thinner batter that makes the end product a lot more liquid. Also, they add cheese, which makes it a very different consistency. Very delicious though.

Tomorrow we head out pretty early for our flight to Seoul. Our bags are pretty full from Japanese acquisitions, so there should be little risk of a Helvetica Scenario from small bags such as these:

That’s right, they even call the bag “Helvetica.”

Two Helvetica bags?! Why not just get a bigger one?


5 thoughts on “The Helvetica Scenario”

  1. That bag would be a CRNA’s WORST ENEMY! Just imagine, you turn around to get something you need, then turn back to the patient, and BOOM, Helvetica Scenario. Where’s the face!?!?!?! How would you intubate!? That bag must seriously be full of calcium molecules…

    On another note, that food looks really delicious. Monja-yaki seems to be a dish shown in a lot of anime I’ve seen in the past. I never knew that’s what it was called though =) Either way, it would be nice to try some REAL Japanese food for once lol

  2. The food looks better than what I have seen us make here at home. Now the bag isnt too bad i just imagine everyone stealing from it. Good thing you didnt buy it 😛

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