Huvahendhoo, Maldives

We’ve been at Lily Beach for a full day now, and it’s just been absolutely perfect. I thought I may have had some high expectations, but this place exceeds them in all kinds of ways. After our water taxi back to the airport before sunrise yesterday, we were greeted by Lily Beach staff and personally escorted through check in and to a private lounge in the domestic terminal. Way more stuff there than we could’ve needed. I didn’t see any other resorts at that time providing that kind of treatment to guests. Martha came up to me after getting a couple espressos and said: “The butler called to check on us” real nonchalant. “Wait, what?” I had forgotten a small mention that our “sunset villa” included a 24 hour private butler service, which is definitely not something we’ve had any place we’ve stayed.

Our sea plane was a direct flight to Huvahendhoo, the Lily Beach private resort island. Peppermint refresher cloths, fresh fruit for the boat ride, elaborate welcoming party, all of it was very nice. And yes, we do in fact have a butler by the name of Mohamed. It seemed a little excessive on arrival, but after a day here I totally get it, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Basically, all of the downsides of being on the furthest out, most private water villa are offset by a butler service. You’re given a cell phone to contact him for anything and he picks you up in an electric cart to bring you to restaurants (or wherever you want). He acts as your waiter at restaurants. He settles any issues you have with… well, anything really. He books all excursions and essentially skips any lines or hassles that you might have otherwise had to deal with. It really optimizes the time here so you’re only spending time doing stuff you want to do.

Well, this part of this trip shouldn’t have any transit nightmares or cultural oddities. Granted, some of the other guests are cultural oddities at times, but that’s really a non-issue being on a private secluded water villa with Mohamed running interference for arranging whatever we want to do. We’ll probably just be adding lots of pictures for the posts while we’re here.

Yesterday we had some nice meals and cocktails, snorkeled down-current around the north side of the island, and walked around the entire island (takes a leisurely 30 minutes). They do some “fish feeding” at 9pm off one of the docks that was pretty cool: hordes of frenzied sharks and huge fish and rays. Today and tomorrow we have some things arranged related to our renewal tomorrow… you know, really stressful spa treatments, that sort of thing.

Anyhow, here are a couple galleries of pictures so far.

Maldives gallery:

“Sunset Water Villa” gallery:


8 thoughts on “Huvahendhoo, Maldives”

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Happy Happy Happy Wedding Renewal LoveFest Ceremony
    Anniversary Honeymoon Celebrationness!!!

  2. Now I love to read about all of your adventures but this is my kind of vacation!!! I’m going to need more details about this one! I thought you had an anniversary to celebrate! Congrats on your renewal… What a perfect setting to renew your vows! Dean and I got married in Antigua… They offered butlers with the private villas but we didn’t have one…But I’m thinking I need to save and go there (Maldives) when we do ours in a few years! We just celebrated 6 yrs! ( on the 15 of January)…Have a beautiful romantic time… But with that kind of setting how can you not! Keep blogging more pics and details so we can celebrate with y’all! Love you two and so happy for you!

    1. Thanks Christine! Drop me a line sometime, I can tell you any details, but really only directly related to Maldives. As you know, this hasn’t been our typical type of vacation. Having not been to some of the other comparable spots like Bali (only been to Java), Fiji, Bora Bora, etc., I can’t really speak to relative value or experience. This has been fantastic so far though!!!

  3. Everything is just the kind of vacation i would like to go specially the snorkeling and the star gazing. Fruits just mmmmmm. I want a big mango and a guayaba. Nice pictures specially were i dint know if mike is very happy or he is trying to say “my name is Bond, James Bond”
    Congratulations on the renewal take video a pictures i want to see it. Im happy for both of you. This is from me jay -jay is already a sleep. Oh well.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! As I sit in my Boston apartment with the heater on all bundled up perusing your pictures I find myself just green with envy! Looks so warm and fun and terribly beautiful!

  5. Wow….. Gorjus….. Crazy awesome…. That’s a good shot….. How beautiful!!!!
    The pictures u aren’t posting are fantastic. I can almost feel the breeze and the sand.

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