Interlopers on Robinson Crusoe Island

Our flight from Vanuatu brought us into Fiji in the early evening and we opted to overnight at a fairly modest airport resort before transiting to our private island resort the next morning. We stayed overnight at the “TokaToka”, which seemed to evoke like a low-priced Disney Polynesian Resort. The place is literally across the street from the airport. Thankfully we were just passing through.

The next day, we caught a domestic flight in a small double-engine prop plane with another couple headed to the Royal Davui Resort, where we were staying for several nights. As we approached the outpost landing strip, we ran into some lousy weather, with driving rain and low visibility. Our pilot had a student with him and we had to loop back twice and increase our altitude after they misjudged our initial approach. Without being a pilot, the upper lip sweat on both of them told us all we needed to know about the situationI must say, I got a real appreciation for how much weather complicates a landing when we approached a few hundred feet over the water and couldn’t see the runway until we were almost on top of it. Luckily though, in addition to not ending our vacation prematurely in a flaming ball of crumpled metal, the rest of our stay in Fiji had fantastic weather and no other rain to speak of.

Our next stop is Tonga for a few days, rounding out this bit of island hopping.

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