Last day in Sri Lanka

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We’re back in the Galle Face Hotel, overlooking the Indian Ocean in Colombo. We got in yesterday afternoon, and our flight to Male, Maldives is tonight at 2030. We’ll make sure to get there plenty early to avoid any late check-in excitement like in Dubai!

The Galle Face Hotel is in a pretty nice little section of Colombo (although you don’t have to go far for it to be not so nice). Walking distance up the strip is the Cinnamon Grand Hotel, connected to an upscale (for Sri Lanka) shopping mall. We picked up a few things and Martha got her hair done at a pretty interesting salon there. The salon owner is a of Burgher heritage, and it was interesting to see someone with a very European appearance ordering people around in Sinhalese. The salons here are very hierarchical, similar to Japan, with distinct levels of seniority. Salon workers ranged from helpers that do not touch customers in any way and get ordered around mercilessly, to people capable of washing or blow-drying hair, to the real stylists, with the Burgher gentleman being at the top of the food chain among the stylists.

Martha getting the full hair treatment in Colombo
Martha getting the full hair treatment in Colombo

We hired a driver for the day today, so we’ll likely take in a few of the sights around Colombo before being dropped off at the airport. Although we have a regular old “superior” room with a view at Galle Face (rather than the free upgrade to the giant presidential suite thing like last time 🙂 this has been a nice place to close out our time in Sri Lanka. The breakfast here has been the same as basically every place we’ve been in Sri Lanka, centered around egg hoppers with onion and chili sambol, dhal curry, and various tropical fruit. It’s been an altogether fun time here. I’m not sure when we’d be back, but if we had occasion to return, I would definitely be up for it.

Galle Face Hotel ocean view
Galle Face Hotel ocean view

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    1. Settle down pale face! 😉 It’s hard to type, take pictures, and enjoy a cocktail on the beach at the same time! j/k but we’re here in Maldives now, landed in Male´ last night. Gonna tour the city today and I’ll try to post something tonight.

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