Teotihuacan & Zona Rosa

Got a fairly early start to go visit the ruins in Teotihuacan (about 45 min from Mexico City). Scorching hot but otherwise good weather. We traveled on the non-tourist local bus (less than $3 each) Interesting events during the trip included being stopped at a Federal Police roadblock and having every passenger and their luggage searched (including of course, the only gringo on the bus, me). After arriving back in Mexico City we braved rush hour in the Metro to get to Zona Rosa. When I say braved, I’m not exaggerating. They pack those subway cars tighter than Shinjuku station in rush hour. Actually, I’m gonna go ahead and say it: Mexico City subways are more crowded and crazier than Tokyo.

Crowded subwayZona Rosa is kind of the night club area in the downtown financial district. Strolling through there reminded me of South Beach in Miami in terms of people watching and the sorts of stores to be found there. We wanted to see the icon of Mexico City though: The Angel of Independence.
Angel of independenceThe monument is displayed in a really grand manner…. it’s HUGE, and surrounded by a large rotary and pretty tree-lined streets streaming out from it.
Angel of independence close

2 thoughts on “Teotihuacan & Zona Rosa

  1. good picture of you two. Half way of the piramid of the sun. The angel was reinstalled in 1957 after the earthquake.. I was born that year That is a long time ago

    1. The monument has been restored many times, and the last time was in 2006 (at least that is what it said on the monument).

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