The Hottest Collectible Balls of Early 2017

Ok look… better late than never on this post. We’re about to start on a new trip, so, you know, now is the time to finish posting from the last one. Seriously though, I’ve said it before, and it’s still true: Every time we visit Japan we end up staying in smaller and smaller areas to visit. I mean, this time we had a reservation to go inside the Imperial Palace grounds and we didn’t even remember until the flight home. That’s the spell that Tokyo casts over us. Let me summarize our week in Tokyo: Ramen, Sushi, Curry, Arcade games, Shopping. There, done. Really though, I’m only slightly joking. Below, please find a nice assortment of the latest collectible “Gacha” balls and crane game prizes.

3 thoughts on “The Hottest Collectible Balls of Early 2017

    1. There is actually a shop on Chuo Dori across from Don Quijote that has wall to wall machines. It’s been there on our last couple of visits.

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