The Trajinera Scam

Fairly relaxed third day in Mexico City. On the agenda: taking a Trajinera (elaborately decorated boat) down canals first used by the Aztecs. Our destination (sort of) was something called “Island of the Dolls”. It’s a bizarre area off a canal where a man started placing old and mutilated dolls everywhere to appease the spirit of a girl who drowned in the canal where he lived. Eventually locals joined the insanity and it added up to a really bizarre collection of dolls hanging everywhere from trees and such. Anyway, if you wanna see some good pics of that place, you can look it up in the Google because we didn’t get them. We managed to find a launching point for the canals, but our best guess is it didn’t access the island, and the last person willing to tell us that was the man selling us the boat ride. Only after we get going does the story change from taking us to Island of the Dolls to that place being too far away and we’re going to a “replica”. Hah! In any event, the boat ride still managed to be an interesting and slightly fun (albeit mega-touristy) little trip and made for a fairly relaxing day.

on the canal

Island of the Dolls “replicas” …mehlame Doll island replicas

There does seem to be a tremendous supply/demand mismatch between brightly painted boats and the number of tourists ready to be carted around in them.row of Trajineras

6 thoughts on “The Trajinera Scam”

    1. Si verdad! My grandpa almost fell when he got on the boat, right after that picture.

    1. Only if you’re a big chicken 🙂 naw but seriously, the mariachi bands in boats were a little terrifying.

  1. Wait wait wait…you guys got scammed? How could you let this happen Martha? Mike has truely turned you into a gringo, you have lost your Mexican street instincts! JK!

    1. In fairness it was more Martha’s grandfather that got scammed. She tried to tell him she didn’t think what the guy was saying was right. BTW, your comments got flagged as spam and were in the spambox along with the penis enlargement, lady gaga tickets, and other “business opportunity” comments lol

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